formerly '31 CLUB'

Founded January 1980

Officers 2012

President: JOHN TAYLOR

Vice President: DAVID WHITCOMB

Secretary: SIMON LUKE


Luncheon & Dinner Meetings: 4th Wednesday of each month except December


The name of the Association shall be:- 'The Tavistock Business Association.' It shall not be affiliated to any other organisation. (Formerly known as the 31Club).


The Association exists to:-
a) Provide a forum in which matters relevant to the business fraternity can be discussed.
b) Use this forum to participate effectively in the affairs of Tavistock and District and to encourage investment and employment in the area.
c) Make such representations to both local and national Government as may be deemed necessary to achieve these aims.


a. The Association shall consist of not more than 31 Ordinary members with equal voting rights and not more than 7 Associate members who shall not have voting rights.
b.1) Senior Member, for those ordinary members who retire from business. This shall be available to those who have normally completed 5 years membership, at the invitation of the Executive Committee. Membership of this classification shall be unlimited. Senior Members shall retain voting rights and attendance requirements as for ordinary members.
b.2) Honorary Member, for past members who have normally completed 10 years of Ordinary membership, and who have given exceptional service to the Association and/or community, and have been nominated by the Executive Committee. Such nominations shall have to be approved by a simple majority vote of those members entitled to vote who are present at the next general meeting following nomination. Honorary Members shall pay no subscription, shall have no voting rights, and no attendance requirement as for Ordinary Members.
c) Generally, only one representative of any trade, profession or vocation may be an Ordinary member of the Association at one time. Where it is considered to be for the good fellowship and well-being of the Association, an additional ordinary member with a similar trade, profession or vocation to an existing
member may be considered, when the existing member shall be asked for his views.
d) Any Ordinary Member may nominate another person for membership provided that that person will have attended at least four General meetings within any one period of six months (6 meetings) prior to nomination, and shall have completed the approved application form which shall display the signature of
both his/her proposer and second, and submit same to the Secretary. Upon receipt of the application the Secretary shall notify all Ordinary Members in writing of the application. Should any Ordinary Member have an objection to the application he/she shall submit their objection in writing to the Secretary within seven days of the date of the letter notifying him/her of the application. If no written objections are received by the Secretary within the time stipulated, the applicant will be invited to join as a full member at the first available general meeting. If any written objections are received by the Secretary, a special meeting of the executive Committee shall be called at which the application and objections shall be considered. If the Executive Committee consider the objections to be valid (by simply majority vote of those present), the application shall be refused. If the Executive Committee consider the objections to be invalid (by simple majority vote of those present) the application shall be included in the agenda for the next General meeting at which election to membership will be by two thirds majority of those present and/or such written proxy votes that shall have been passed to the Secretary prior to the meeting.
e) Members wishing to withdraw from the Association shall give notice, in writing, to the Secretary.
f) Associate membership may be conferred upon those who, whilst agreeing and helping in the aims of the Association, are unable to attend the requisite number of meetings as tabled under Meetings of the Association. Associate Members are required to attend a minimum of two Club meetings in any Club year.
g) Ordinary members shall be entitled to attend every monthly meeting of the Association. Associate members shall be entitled to attend four monthly meetings p.a.
h) All members should make every effort to attend all meetings to which they are entitled. Valid excuses i.e. pressure of business, illness etc. shall be given to the Secretary by such time as shall from time to time be advised, or as otherwise determined and advised in the minutes of the General Meetings.
i) The Executive reserves the right to remove, or alter the type of membership of, a member who attends less than 2/3 of meetings where no apology has been presented or who attends less than 1/2 of meetings despite apologies being received. The membership of any member who fails to attend four consecutive meetings without apology shall be deemed to have lapsed.


a) The Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Immediate past President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. These officers (excepting Immediate Past President) shall be elected from the ordinary or senior membership. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may each be held by one member of the Association for a maximum continuous period of five years. Any member who completes such a term of service shall stand down, and will not be eligible for re-election to that office until a period of at least two years has expired.
b) The business of the association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall comprise two ordinary members elected from the Ordinary and Senior membership, a Social Secretary also elected from the Ordinary and Senior membership and the Officers of the Association detailed in (a) above.
c) All Officers and executive Committee members shall be elected for one year at the AGM. and shall take office at the termination of that meeting. The Executive Committee shall have power, at any time, to fill any vacancy, which may occur.
d) Nominations, duly proposed, seconded and with the acceptance of the proposed for Officer or Executive Committee member should be received by the Hon. Secretary 7 days before the AGM. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election for a period not exceeding 3 years.
e) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to expel any member, Ordinary, Senior, or Associate, who offends against the rules of the Association, whose subscription is in arrears as detailed later in this Constitution, who fails to make settlement of other monies due, or whose conduct generally renders him or her unsuitable for membership. Any such person shall be informed in writing of the decision of the Executive Committee, and shall have seven days in which to lodge his appeal in writing. Should an appeal be received, the member shall appear before the Executive Committee as soon as is practical, but no more than two weeks after the appeal has been lodged. At such an appeal no member shall be expelled unless more than two-thirds of the full Executive Committee votes against him or her.
f) The Executive Committee shall have powers to alter the rules of the Association but no such alterations shall take effect unless confirmed by the majority of the membership at the next Annual General meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting called, inter alia, for this purpose as specified below.
g) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint sub-committees to perform specific functions as is deemed necessary. The formation of such committees shall be approved by simple majority at the next ordinary General Meeting, at which time the Chairman of the sub-committee shall be confirmed. Each such sub-committee Chairman shall have a non-voting position on the Executive Committee for the duration of that sub-committee's existence. Sub-committees may be dissolved by simple majority of the Executive Committee.


The annual subscription shall be agreed by the membership at the AGM and shall be invoiced to all Ordinary and Senior members half yearly, the first instalment being due for payment at the AGM, the second at the July monthly General Meeting. The Treasurer and/or his appointed deputy shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions and any other monies when due.
Any member whose subscription payments are not made within ninety days of the date of invoice, shall cease to be a member of the Association unless a satisfactory reason for the non payment has been submitted to the Executive Committee. Associate Members shall be billed in full at the AGM, and failure to make settlement within ninety days of the date of invoice shall lead to immediate expulsion from the Association unless a satisfactory reason for the non payment has been submitted to the Executive Committee.


a) Ordinary meetings shall be held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, or as otherwise decided
from time to time. At these meetings such business shall be discussed as is agreed by the membership. Guest speakers may be invited at the discretion of the Executive Committee, usually on a quarterly basis.
b) The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the January luncheon meeting each year and shall
transact inter alia, the following business:-
b1) To receive and, if approved, adopt a statement of the Association's accounts made up to the previous 31st December and agree the subscription to be paid for the following year.
b2) To consider and, if approved, sanction any alteration to the rules.
b3) To appoint the Officers and other members of the Committee.
b4) To appoint an Auditor or Auditors.
Notice convening the AGM shall be sent to the members not less than 21 days before the meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with.
c) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time at the written request of ten or more members or by a majority of the Executive Committed. Such a meeting must occur within 21 days of the receipt of such a request and all members must be notified in writing of such a meeting. At such a meeting only the business specified shall be discussed.
d) At all Committee and General Meetings the President shall be Chairman. In his/her absence the Vice-President, Immediate past President, or in their absence, a member elected by those present, shall deputise.